How to Enroll

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Enrolling at Christel House Academy

Christel House Academy encourages any parent interested in our schools to begin the application process for your child. Our open enrollment period runs from early January through March 31, but we welcome applications throughout the year. If you have any questions, call CHA South at 317-783-4690, or CHA West at 317-783-4901.

Enrolling at Christel House DORS

If you’re an adult pursuing your high school diploma, Christel House DORS can help. If you have questions, call CH DORS at 317-783-4722.

Enroll in the upcoming 2020-2021 year

Enrolling at Manual High School

Students who are currently enrolled at Manual will have a seat at Manual next year.  The State Board of Education is currently trying to work with Charter Schools USA to get the necessary student and academic information to make the transition smooth for you.  We will have more information about enrollment for you soon.  For now, you can visit our Manual page for more information.

Any other students entering grades 10-12 interested in enrolling Manual High School may go to the Enroll Indy Website to begin the process.

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