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Christel House Schools is proud to offer a teaching apprenticeship for skilled professionals who feel called to teach. Through the IndyTeach program, you’ll learn how to create lesson plans, connect with urban students from low-income backgrounds, and become the kind of teacher who transforms lives and communities.

Our program is unique, and it will prepare you for the challenges and rewards of teaching. If you have a bachelor’s degree but did not undergo traditional teacher certification, you may be a great fit for IndyTeach.

Our Requirments

Applicants must have a passion for working with students from low-income backgrounds, as well as a bachelor’s degree and strong content knowledge in their area of teaching interest. You must have attained a 3.0 GPA, or a 2.5 with at least 5 years of professional work experience.


**We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.**

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How it works

How it works

Through IndyTeach, apprentice teachers will gain firsthand experience of teaching in a classroom while working alongside a mentor. Over the course of a yearlong paid apprenticeship, you’ll undergo three key states of transitional development to become a practicing teacher. Upon completion of the program and passage of the CORE exams, you will qualify for an Indiana teacher instructional license.

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Are you ready to begin an apprenticeship that will prepare you for teaching through mentorship and real-world experience? Then we’d love to meet you.

**We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.**

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Meet the Apprentices

Chelsea Morse

I joined IndyTeach because I wanted to be able to work while I earned a teaching license. IndyTeach offered me a way to immerse myself into the culture of Christel House and really learn how to teach. I’m able to earn an income while I get hands on experience. Instead of being thrown into a classroom midway through the school year to student teach, I am able to get to know my students from day one.

Scott Weaver

I was attracted to IndyTeach because of the success stories I heard and read about from previous apprentices. Everyone who has gone through this program has successfully become a teacher and received a full time job. This gave me confidence in the program and shows how effective it is. I think IndyTeach is better than a traditional teaching program because it allows us to get an entire year of classroom experience, as well as professional development.

Jake Badger

I was attracted to IndyTeach because it struck me as a unique method of becoming an educator that was really interested in making teachers who wanted students to succeed academically and personally. I love that I get to jump right in and experience a classroom right away. I prefer hands on learning that lets me see what teaching is like in the real world as opposed to in the bubble of a college program. Having a mentor is great, as well, because I can take the reins where I am comfortable in a lesson, and have someone to work with me on areas I need improvement in.

Allison Martin

I was immediately attracted to CHA’s dedication to transforming the lives of impoverished students and commitment to better serve its community. Not having a formal background in education made me feel like I was at a disadvantage, but with IndyTeach’s mentorship model approach I feel as though I am learning more than I ever could sitting in a lecture hall. I love that the program prepares its apprentices to specifically teach in urban settings and the thing that has struck me the most is the support. From supervisors and coaches, to lead and mentor teachers, I cannot believe the number of people who have been so willing to dedicate their time to invest in me and my future teaching career!

Terrence Stubbs

What attracted me to IndyTeach was the program structure. When pursuing a teaching license at university, you’re inundated with unnecessary classes that have nothing to do with your discipline. IndyTeach is like a total immersion course! Through IndyTeach we learn first hand from an accomplished mentor that is well versed in the subject matter that we will be teaching. You get to observe your mentor teacher, while at the same time you get to be involved with the students and try to implement what you are learning from your mentor. I love the training because it’s hands on!

Thomas Freestone

IndyTeach was attractive to me because I believe learning on the job is most effective, and the supports available through IndyTeach were numerous in comparison to comparable programs. Learning the theory of education more or less removed from the classroom often doesn’t prepare you for the realities of the role. You end up unlearning and relearning a lot. It made sense to me to start from the beginning, learning from qualified teachers in the field, with professional development serving the role of classwork and theory, and tempered with constant applications in the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the unique structure of the program, IndyTeach is 100% free to apprentices. The program was designed to remove the financial barriers associated with entering the teaching profession, and therefore covers the cost of content and pedagogy exams, while providing a salary and benefits to apprentices during their year of training.

Completion of the IndyTeach program requirements results in an Indiana Teaching License from the IDOE. Currently, IndyTeach supplies elementary generalist K-6 licensure, as well as secondary licenses in English, mathematics, social studies, and various sciences.

IndyTeach is a year-long apprenticeship. The program begins at the end of July and continues through June of the following year, mirroring an academic year. Upon completion of the year and program requirements, apprentices are fully licensed teachers in the state of Indiana.

Like other transition to teaching programs, IndyTeach is subject to the Indiana state licensing requirements below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • 0 GPA or 2.5 GPA + 5 years of relevant work experience

In addition, IndyTeach is looking for smart, mission driven individuals with a deep content knowledge and passion for education who have the desire to share that with others.

The IndyTeach application window opens in late September. However, 1st round interviews for each new cohort generally begin at the end of January. To be among the first interviewed we recommend a January 1st priority deadline.

To apply, interested candidates must submit:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • College transcripts (official or unofficial)
  • List of 3 professional references

In order to provide the highest quality professional development, each apprentice is paired with a highly qualified Mentor Teacher. Therefore, the number of apprentices is contingent on the number of available mentors in a particular licensing area. The program is intentionally small and accepts roughly 10-15 apprentices per year.

IndyTeach is a mentorship and competency-based program which allows you to gradually take on classroom responsibilities over the course of an academic year. Instead of starting out as the teacher of record day one, you are paired with a mentor teacher with whom you will work alongside for the year. The first few months of the program are spent observing and shadowing your mentor and pulling small groups. As the year progresses you will begin co-teaching, and eventually lead teaching in the classroom. Since the program is competency-based, you take on each next step once you feel successful moving forward. We anticipate that apprentices will begin co-teaching around Thanksgiving, and full takeover of the classroom around spring break, but the actual timeline varies based on each individual.

IndyTeach is unlike any other transition to teaching program in Indiana. The ability to work under and alongside a quality mentor teacher as you learn the teaching profession is a unique opportunity specific to IndyTeach. Additionally, due to the full immersion nature of the program, apprentices complete the licensing requirements and master teaching competencies in a single year, as opposed to 2 or 4 years. After your apprenticeship year, you are fully licensed in the state and free to take your teaching license to any school of your choice.

No. IndyTeach uses an innovative competency-based model, while tracking your growth through a comprehensive micro-credentialing system and program portfolio. Micro-credentials and portfolios are submitted to the IDOE as evidence that apprentices have mastered the necessary requirements to be a competent teacher.

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**We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.**